First, I want to thank you for all of your support and participation in My Cool Inventions Radio and my ‘Akos The Solutionist’ radio features!
As we end 2013 I want to remember the amazing inventors and inventions that we have encountered and their incredible spirit! What a group of amazing people to be a part of. We hope that we have helped in some small way to make their inventive journey a more knowledgeable one.
The road in 2014 should be even more exciting as My Cool Inventions Radio continues to grow and support even more inventors! Continue to follow us here and on our Facebook page – – for more information on new projects and opportunities for inventors.
The Podcasts for the last two broadcasts of 2013 are up and loaded in both our podcast player and available for download on our website. In the December 21st show we talked to Lindsay Satmary, the winner of this past year’s Genesis search for America’s Top invention. And in the 28th’s show we talked to one of Genesis’s top 4 inventors Dr. Paul Chalifoux and we had a discussion about Inventor Scams and what to look out for. Both were great shows to end the year out with. We hope you enjoy.
Happy New Year to You, Your Family and Friends!
Happy New Year!