My Cool Inventions Continues It’s 5th year of bringing America’s Inventors and Innovators the platform they need to get the American public excited about their idea!
As part of its new “American Dreams” initiative, direct-to-consumer live content retailer, HSN, has partnered with My Cool Inventions inventive entrepreneurs, Akos and John, as they reach out across the country via television, radio and online platforms, conferences and trade shows to find compelling new products to launch while raising awareness of the entrepreneurs behind them.
We’re looking for Inventions and Inventor Products that could be the next big idea! Thru the Genesis process, My Cool Inventions and it’s many listeners are helping Inventors realize their dreams and help them craft an even better pitch and product. We’d love to have you our show! Spots for the rest of the year are filling up fast. The sooner you’re in, the sooner our producer and production team can get you on air! Submit your invention to MyCoolInventions.Com and get on our show! It’s free and your invention could be featured on HSN!
Go to: and hit the submit your invention today!