Akos ‘The Solutionist’

:90 Feature hosted by Akos Jankura one of the world’s top TV Inventors and Presenters with direct response sales approaching $1 Billion dollars internationally.  The always inquisitive Akos asks the irreverent questions that somehow lead him to no-nonsense answers.  It’s :90 seconds of intriguing, entertaining and informative content.

He’s the Fresh Voice That is Not Political But Practical! No-Nonsense Solutions to Everyday Living.  It’s Akos The Solutionist!

Tired of Heavy Talk?

Try Akos ‘The Solutionist’ Radio Feature!

  • Non Political But Always Mindful – Fresh, Funny, Clever, Thought Provoking Answers to LIFE

  • Content is current and is updated daily M-F

  • Drive Revenue through non-traditional advertisers to sponsor feature

  • Akos’ Authority -product consumer expert has proven double digit growth with sponsors

  • Weekly high definition video engages listeners to stations social media – facebook/web site

  • Akos’ content appeals to men and women

  • Carriage – Akos The Solutionist air 1x with national sponsor and replay 2x per day with local avails

  • “Capture the streaming listener and Engage them with Akos The Solutionist”

Carry Akos ‘The Solutionist’ 1x with national advertiser and replay 2x per day with local avails!


 Contact Victoria Miller Raymer at 727-224-4332 cell or vmraymer@gmail.com to get Akos ‘The Solutionist’