Bill Green – National Television Show Host & Broadcast Professional, HSN

Akos is a tenured and experienced Electronic Retail Guest Host who I have had the privilege of working with for years in Electronic Retailing.

Akos is also a successful, curator of innovative products which have always raised to a level of great success, sales and profit in this business and in the realm of Electronic Retailing and Infomercials.

His ability to work with Show Hosts in Electronic Retailing including myself is polished and poised in that he realizes the importance of strong professional selling skills and techniques and always makes his presentation conversational working along our side as the anchor for the program or show.

Akos is always extremely detail oriented in preparation and during his live “on air” live demonstrations focusing great attention on bringing product demonstrations “features/benefits” to life in the real world of product sales and to gain consumer interest in the products he represents.

Traci Folkins – Director, Digital Operations, Central Canada at Sun Media

Akos is a dedicated professional with an incredible depth of knowledge in all aspects of DRTV. His passion and drive for the business is inspiring and motivating. His willingness to share his knowledge and expertise is a strong asset to our overall team.

Van Fagan – Owner, Shear Enterprises LLC

If you have a chance to hire Akos, you better do so as you won’t find a better person to be on your team. Very intelligent, very real.

Sandro Gnädinger – Director Buying & Sourcing at Brands4Friends – Private Sale GmbH

Akos is a strong individual and leader with profound knowledge and experience in entrepreneurial, conceptual and out of the box thinking. His expertise in the Infomercial/Teleshopping industry is unique and a big asset for every business partner and/or client he works with.

Linda French – Owner of Oasis Nova Scotia Cottage & Home Rentals

Akos, is a hard working, bottom line company executive. I had the pleasure of working with him, as his agent for supplying product to The Shopping Channels. He is a master at finding great product, and working with the numbers to make a profitable package, for our clients, and The Shopping Channels.

As a demonstrator on TV, or at shows, there is none better. I first had the opportunity to hireAkos over 15 years ago, when he was first starting to demonstrate product in Canada. Years later, the tables turned and he hired me to work with him.

In my years in this business, I have never met a harder working individual, who puts great thought in all that he does.